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2024 Tough Days Final Results!

Our annual Tough Days event was originally scheduled for mid-January, but chilly temperatures forced a two-week postponement. It turned out, we enjoyed two fantastic days of weather and fierce competition.

Championship Flight:
1st- Blake Williamson/Brandon Masters
2nd- Robbie/Nicky Biershenk
3rd- Jacob Burgess/Bernie McShane

First: Flight:
1st- Matt/Mike Ginn
2nd- Ryan Wells/Brad Bryson
3rd- Matt Carden/Josh Browning

Second Flight:
1st- Carlton Cisson/Corey Taylor
2nd- Steve Hollingsworth/Fred Keith
3rd- Mike/Mark Lewallen

Third Flight:
1st- Tyler Croxton/Cason Mabry
2nd-Marty White/Jackson Williamson
3rd- Rick Oyervides/Kim Lawrence

Fourth Flight:
1st- Erik Moyer/Brian Stone
2nd- Nick/Zach Walker
1st Net- Scott Reeves/Hal Stokes

2024 Tough Days Tournament